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A Little about Me

For those that have been to my site before, boy have things changed!  For those that are new, here is a bit about me!

 I currently raise Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarf rabbits.  It all started as a 4-H project, a long time ago.  Since then, I've married my best friend (Tony) in 2002, held a few different and exciting jobs (including over the road truck driver, teaming with my husband), graduated from college in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Psychology, and had a baby!  Amanda Marie was born June 5, 2006.  She is a wonderful baby and has totally changed my and Tony's lives!

My Mom is still a huge help with the bunnies, as they are still in her backyard barn ; )  But, I'm there daily to do the "Bunny Chores."  That is still our time to bond and do something together.  The bunnies are in stacking cages, with my rabbitry consisting of 35 holes.

 I love to challenge myself with creating the best typed rabbit I can, but I also love colors!  I love playing with color genetics (even though my understanding of them is VERY limited) and creating the colors you see less often on the show tables.  It adds a bit of suspense when those babies first appear in the nestbox.  Over the next few days it can be very interesting to see what those colors change into! 

"My Bunny History"

I started raising French Lops when I was 13 years old, as a 4-H project. I decided rabbits "weren't cool" while in high school, and completely dropped the hobby all together.

I later realized my mistake, while in college. My little sister was having great success raising holland lops and netherland dwarves. And boy did I miss it! She asked my to go to a show with her, and I was hooked once again. Except, being a college student, I can't afford the heafty feed bill that goes with the Frenchies! So I settled for the mini lops and absolutely love them!
I also have a few Netherland Dwarfs too.

 Although I've been breeding rabbits for a few years now, I owe A BIG thanks to Kim Kruse (Tennesse) for selling me my first mini lops, and to Laura Ohlrich (Florida) and Abbie Cooper.  Each of these wonderful ladies sold me some WONDERFUL rabbits to get me moving in the right direction.  Also another BIG Thanks to Karen Kuk (Washington) for the great start in the chocolate variety.

My Netherlands come from the wonderful Teri Monson (Missouri) and Ryan Romine (Missouri).  They are a great start and a brand new breed for me. 

Please feel free to email me anytime!  kdb8279@yahoo.com