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It's not much, but these are the current babies!

Mini Lop: Baylie's Hugs

6 Week old Broken Chocolate out of Baylie's Talley and Rugen's Yogi.

My head was hanging in the water bucket!!


Aren't I just the cutest???
Baby Fuzzies!
Born early December, out of HM's Christall and by HM's Bombay.  This is my first litter of fuzzies in a LONG time!  I'm very excited about these 5!  Sex is still unknown, but coming soon!  We have three blacks, a tort and a broken tort.
I'm all head and ears!
This little guy is from the above litter, and just too cute for words!
More Baby Fuzzies

I love taking pictures of the babies!  These two are from the litter above, I just can't get enough of them.